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Duperon was established in 1985 as a manufacturer of pumps, expanding its product line to include the patented Self-Cleaning Trashrack (1979) and the FlexRake (1995). In subsequent years, complementary product lines such as controls, conveyors, and compactors were developed in response to customer needs. Duperon Corporation continues to pride itself on the simple mechanical design of each product, as well as the solutions developed individually for customers.  

Today, Duperon Corporation is a leader in primary liquid/solids separation technology, with installations around the globe and an ever expanding range of products that are simply amazing, yet amazingly simple.

Continuing the tradition of simple, effective products, the Duperon Washer Compactor is a robust, high-efficiency non-batching process machine that cleans and compacts screenings less than 4 inches.

Positive displacement technology eliminates clogging, bridging, and jamming - what goes in, comes out. Accepts non-standard wastewater debris including rocks, clothing, concrete, and metal.

Self-Regulating Compaction Housing creates consistent dry solids output, regardless of debris volume fluctuations. Up to 84% volume reduction and up to 60% dry solids.

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Duperon Washer Compactor
Duperon Washer Compactor

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