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Aeration - Fine Bubble Diffused

Aquarius Technologies LLC consists of a group of dedicated engineers, scientists and other professionals focused on providing cost-effective solutions to wastewater treatment problems.
Sustainable clean water solutions is the driving goal behind all of our efforts and technologies.
Aquarius is a customer centric organization that was formed around a group of individuals with decades of combined experience leading other major wastewater treatment manufacturers. The firm's core team previously held positions as President, Vice President of Production, Engineering Manager, Project Engineer, Regional Sales Manager, and Controller of these companies.
The firm has pioneered several technologies that significantly reduce energy consumption and capital investment requirements for waste water treatment plants whether they are new installations, or existing plants that are retrofitted with Aquarius Technologies equipment.  These solutions now include the Nebula™ Multistage Biofilm System and the Quantaer™ Fine Bubble Aeration System.

The Aquarius Quantaer™ fine pore aeration system has been developed by a team of engineers with an unparalleled background of experience in the design, application and operation of wastewater treatment aeration systems.  This experience comes with the knowledge that a high performance diffuser requires an equally well engineered piping system to support it.  Moreover, our unique experience allowed us to improve upon a basic aeration system design that was well proven over the past 20 years.  The Aquarius Quantaer™ aeration system is a culmination of this experience. 



  • Minimum 2% titanium dioxide used in the PVC to prevent UV degradation
  • Anti-rotational threaded union piping joints
  • Guide supports for expansion and contraction
  • 19% improved average uniformity of air distribution than other diffusers in the marketplace
  • 5% oxygen transfer enhancement over similar diffuser designs

Product Images

Nebula™ MultiStage Biofilm System
Fine Bubble Membrane Disc Aeration System
Fine Bubble Membrane Disc Aeration System

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