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Pressure Sensor (Submerged)

Hydreka is a manufacturer of flowmeters and dataloggers for closed pipe or open channels used in water and wastewater applications. Innovation, simplicity and customer service are at the centre of the company's approach.

PTX/PDCR 1730 Piezometric Sensor Probe 

Submersible level sensor monitors the levels of reservoirs, holding tanks and aggressive environments such as rivers, etc.

• Conforms to the industrial needs of hydrology

• Provides direct pressure measurement and derives water level within ± 0.25% of the full scale value

• 75 mbar to 60 bar measurement scales available

• Voltage (serial PDCR) or current 4-20 mA (PTX) output signal

• Titanium diaphragm; measure cell encased in silicone provides extremely stabile signal over time

• Winfluid interface allows programming for alarm management based on min/max values or on acceptable flow rate range, to correct the measured value, to define level/flow rate conversions (free surface values) and to create measured data reports 

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