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JWC Environmental is a global leader in solids reduction and separation systems for customers in several industries, including wastewater treatment, petroleum, food processing, agriculture, marine, recycling, product destruction and more. In 1973, JWCE invented the Muffin Monster, the world's first dual-shafted wastewater grinder. Today, JWCE has shipped over 35,000 waste shredders and screens worldwide and our family of 150 employees is committed to providing customers with cutting edge technologies, services and value.

Screenings Washer Monster®

The Screenings Washer Monster®  (SWM) produces ultra-clean discharge using a patented system to grind, wash, compact and dewater debris captured by a screen. This self contained, hopper fed system produces a cleaner, more compact end product of screenings discharge in the industry.

The key to the SWM’s discharge is grinding.  It breaks open rags, plastics, and trash to expose more surface area for washing and removing soft organics.  Liquefied organics return to the plant flow and allow the SWM to achieve dry solids content up to 50%.

Ground material also compacts more tightly, allowing the system to reduce volume up to 95%.  The result is savings in time and money since far fewer dumpster pick-ups are needed.

The discharge can be nearly free of fecal content eliminating odor and vector problems, safety issues, unsightly discharge, leaking dumpsters and hazardous waste fees charged by haulers and landfills.

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Screenings Washer Monster

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