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Screen (Perforated Plate) - JWC

JWC Environmental is a global leader in solids reduction and separation systems for customers in several industries, including wastewater treatment, petroleum, food processing, agriculture, marine, recycling, product destruction and more. In 1973, JWCE invented the Muffin Monster, the world's first dual-shafted wastewater grinder. Today, JWCE has shipped over 35,000 waste shredders and screens worldwide and our family of 150 employees is committed to providing customers with cutting edge technologies, services and value.

Finescreen Monster®

The Monster Separation System® is a complete, high-performance system that provides high capture rate of wastewater solids and more efficient washing and compacting, resulting in a discharge that is remarkably clean and ready for disposal. The more unwanted solids removed at the headworks of your treatment plant, the better the whole facility will run.

The Finescreen Monster® incorporates a continuous band of stainless steel or optional StapleGuard™ ultra high molecular weight (UHMW) polyethylene perforated panels attached to heavy-duty stainless steel roller chains. Panels are available with 1/8″ or 1/4″ (3 or 6mm) openings. The stainless steel rollers track in UHMW guides at the bottom of the screen, thus eliminating the need for sprockets or bearings submerged in the wastewater flow.

Small wastewater solids typically missed by bar screens such as rags, cigarette butts, latex, plastics and small debris, are readily captured by the perforated screening panels and lifted to deck level where a two-stage brushing and wash water system removes them.

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Finescreen Monster

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