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Screen (Multiple Rake) - JWC

JWC Environmental is a global leader in solids reduction and separation systems for customers in several industries, including wastewater treatment, petroleum, food processing, agriculture, marine, recycling, product destruction and more. In 1973, JWCE invented the Muffin Monster, the world's first dual-shafted wastewater grinder. Today, JWCE has shipped over 35,000 waste shredders and screens worldwide and our family of 150 employees is committed to providing customers with cutting edge technologies, services and value.

Chain and Rake Monster®

This highly efficient Chain and Rake Monster® is used in headworks systems and storm overflows where large concentrations of debris are expected and is normally installed in gravity fed or pumped flow systems. A series of replacable rakes are bolted to two bands of matched endless chain.

The chains are driven by sprockets fixed to the heavy-duty drive shaft running in tensioned roller bearings. They pass around a bottom guide track which avoids the necessity of sprockets and bearnings in the sewage flow. The result is greatly reduced maintenance and increased system life.

Grids can be provided in .25″ (6mm) and up bar spacing, and can be supplied as standard taper bars or rectangular bars. Grids can be extended to discharge point, or more commonly, finishing above water level and continued in stainless steel dead plate.

The debris on the rakes is removed by a pivoted wiper with a nylon blade. Drives can be rated for explosion proof environments. Screens can be supplied up to 8 feet (2.4m) wide in a choice of materials and are suitable in channels up to 25 feet (7.6m) deep.

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Chain and Rake Monster

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