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Blowers - Inovair

Iηovair designs and manufactures modern high efficiency, compact, integrally geared centrifugal blower (compressor) packages engineered for wastewater, pneumatic conveying, aircraft deicing, high inlet temperature applications, recycled-material manufacturing and other applications.

Inovair Turbo Blower Models

With models ranging from 200 to 2,200 cfm and from 5 to 22 psi, Inovair’s lineup of centrifugal turbo blowers can be adapted to a wide range of air-flow needs and are available in stationary and portable configurations, making them highly versatile and adaptable. These high-performance, high-efficiency turbo blowers are also available with airflow control systems for even more operational and installation flexibility.

Inovair Turbo Blower Models:

Inovair 2200

  • 2,200 max cfm
  • Up to 22 psi operational range
  • 24/7 duty-compatible

Inovair 2700ID

  • 2,700 max cfm
  • Up to 35 psi operational range
  • Intermittent duty cycle

 Inovair 1400ID

  • 1,400 max cfm
  • Up to 22 psi operational range
  • Water-cooled compressor housing
  • Intermittent duty cycle

Product Images

Inovair 2200

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