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Turbocompressor STC-GO for Aeration

Siemens designs and manufactures high-performance aeration technology for municipal wastewater treatment and industrial applications.

The efficient STC-GO compressors are made uniquely according to plant specifications thereby consuming significantly less energy compared to other compressor designs. The high quality compressor components and the conformity with technical standards for a broad range of applications ensure long-term reliability and minimum maintenance.


  • Highest efficiency is automatically and continuously maintained over the entire turndown range, including off-design ambient temperatures and pressures where units most often operate.
  • Turndown to 45% (or less) at constant speed
  • Variable flow by means of variable vane diffusers, pre-rotational inlet guide vanes or a combination of both systems, the Dual-Point-Control™
  • High-quality bearing construction results in exceptionally long life with minimal maintenance
  • Guaranteed oil-free air delivery
  • Compact design saves floor space and facilitates the replacement of older, less efficient compressors
  • Standard or tailor made Instrumentation and control for compressor operation       
  • Low noise level with no pressure pulsation
  • Low operating and maintenance costs

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Turbocompressor STC-GO for Aeration

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